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  • Spray Water Fan (black tank)

    Spray Water Fan (black tank)

  • Circular tank spray fan (blue tank)

    Circular tank spray fan (blue tank)

  • HW-26MC09 Mist Fan

    HW-26MC09 Mist Fan

  • Heavy Humidifier

    Heavy Humidifier

  • HW-26MC06 Mist Fan

    HW-26MC06 Mist Fan

  • HW-26MC02-RC mist Fan (with remote control)

    HW-26MC02-RC mist Fan (with remote control)

     WENLING HUWEI FAN FACTORY(Shanghai Tiger Electrical Co。, Ltd。) is committed to developing products for the professional ventilation equipment manufacturer, located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province。 Plant area of over 10,000 square meters, more than 200 employees。

     The company focused on the spray fan, industrial fans, industrial ventilation fans, axial fans, external rotor fan research and manufacturing, product through CE, ROHS, PSE, SAA, CCC certification, exported to the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan and other more than thirty countries and regions.

     Companies to good quality, timely delivery and very competitive prices of products and customers around the world to establish the most favorable, long-term cooperation. Common development of relations.

     We warmly welcome customers to visit the guide, create brilliant.

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In a ventilation system how to calculate the area of the duct?

Construction drawings in plan view with a scale to measure out only a few meters duct, how to calculate the number of square meters of duct?

Full system fixed calculation rule states:

Duct fabrication and installation of construction shown in different sizes according to expand the area of computing, without deduction inspection hole, measuring hole outlet, suction outlet and other occupied area.

Tube F = π × D × L

Where F-- round duct expansion area (in m2 units);

        D-- round duct diameter;

        L-- pipe centerline length.

Illustrated rectangular duct perimeter multiplied by the length of the pipe centerline calculation.

Duct area, calculation rules and the whole system of local Quota Quota is the same。

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